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About Ribo
A significant pipeline of oligonucleotide therapeutics

Ribo is a world-leading clinical stage company devoted to the development of innovative RNAi-based therapeutics to address unmet clinical needs in the world.

As a Nobel Prize winning discovery, RNAi (or RNA interference) is a natural mechanism within human cells that can control the production of proteins by specifically silencing its mRNA.

With a cross-continent talent team and the fully integrated cutting edge RNAi technology platforms, Ribo has built an extensive pipeline of innovative RNAi-based medicines for treating liver diseases, cardio-metabolic diseases and other disorders.

Innovation and International Collaboration

Ribo is committed to rapidly advance its products towards the market and continuously evolve its platform technologies for generating best-in class and first in class RNAi therapeutics. The research and development team of Ribo is consisted of highly qualified experts with more than 20 years of expertise in the fields of RNAi technology, and drug discovery & development.

Ribo is open to co-development of its portfolio products and various strategic partnerships to leverage the advantage of its liver and extra-liver delivery platforms.

Ribo has built a significant portfolio of intellectual properties with patents, patent applications and know-hows covering all major aspects of RNAi technologies and products that was well recognized (Delivery of therapeutic small interfering RNA: The current patent-based landscape. Chen Y, et al. Mol. Ther. Nucleic Acids. 2022, 29: 150-161).